Oracle ERP cloud solutions

A growing number of organizations choose to adopt a cloud model in all departments both as part of organizational innovation and in an effort to minimize IT costs.

Today, many IT organizations are exploring the possibility of transition from traditional ERP systems to cloud based systems.

The complexity of ERP systems and the significant investments made in them causes the transition processes from ERP to cloud to be extremely long and complicated.

Oracle has recently announced a transition to cloud-based applications as a comprehensive solution.

This change brings a message of innovation and Unitask is accelerating the transition and transformation of its solutions into cloud based systems.

The field of cloud-based ERP is innovative and groundbreaking, and Oracle’s solutions are in the lead.

Unitask currently provides professional advice and guidance to its customers in their transition to cloud based systems, using tools and methodologies that support the entire process from analysis, application and implementation to the integration and automation of ERP processes in the organization.

Why choose Unitask’s Oracle cloud ERP division?

  • Dozens of traditional ERP applications – We, at Unitask, have amassed decades of experience and expertise in traditional ERP (On-Premise) applications, thanks to which our customers enjoy professional analysis and smooth transition to the stage of transformation and implementation of cloud-based ERP.

  • Innovation – Unitask employs a development team that provides unique solutions and tools for cloud transition, enabling an easier process of transformation and transition in our customers’ journey to cloud reliance.

  • Application Methodology – Unitask has adapted its application methodologies to support cloud project flexibility and provide a proper solution for a lean configuration of cloud projects.

  • Experience – Unitask gained extensive experience assisting customers who have gone online using a cloud-based Oracle ERP platform. This experience enables us to provide our clients with professional guidance from and consultation with highly knowledgeable and experienced experts so that they may obtain the best results quickly and easily.

  • Consultants – Unitask currently has the largest number of Oracle ERP consultants in Israel. Our consultants undergo special training to become experts in their fields, so that each client is assigned the most suitable consultant for their type of organization and the specific solution that they need.

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