Development Centers - Near Shore / Off-Shore

Believing everything is possible.

The Unitask development center supports information systems/application projects, specializes in modernizing systems while adapting them to changing technological realities, and provides development services in a variety of programming languages for all tools and all systems: Oracle, SAP, .NET, BI, HTML and more.

We believe in the ‘possible’. We provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions, high quality products with maximum flexibility.

We have a brilliant professional team, efficient processes and methods, and a unique and exclusive testing systems that ensures a perfect product and solution for each and every customer.

With our abilities and reputation, we stand behind each development and provide a lifetime warranty.

Guaranteed efficiency and savings

The strength and the knowledge we’ve accumulated enables us not only to provide the best and most professional solutions coupled with meticulously tested processes, but also to make a remarkable offer providing high value.

In fact, we can save several percent off your development costs and minimize your risk and hassle.

Our process

Our experienced development center works in a structured process that begins with methodology, continues with management and implementation, and ensures successful results with strict timetables and minimal waste and deviations.

Our advantage is rooted in the vast knowledge we’ve gathered both in business and in technology, enabling us to accurately define tasks and create a rigorous planning process making us more focused, more professional and more economical.

A unique quality control system operates within our development center and employs uncompromising testing personnel who set a very high standard of professionalism. They ensure that each development will best fit the objective, in accordance with rigorous testing scenarios and with full documentation. Thus, we ensure high quality results and are not afraid to provide a lifetime warranty.

Our Team

Our development center is comprised of experienced, skilled and knowledgeable development personnel. We believe in a combination of creativity, intelligent planning and a meticulous and structured process that leads to the best results.

Our team is always at the forefront of training, research, knowledge expansion, experience and the development of new fields. Our people work with us for many years, during which they constantly expand their capabilities, challenge themselves and fine tune their professional abilities.

The “Eshet Chayil” (Woman of Valor) Project

“Eshet Chayil” is a social project for the integration of ultra-Orthodox women into the workforce.

Unitask established and operates a development center comprised entirely of ultra-Orthodox women; all of whom are outstanding engineers or hold bachelor’s degrees.

After careful selection and integration, the women undergo an in-depth training process with the company’s experienced and skillful team and are then incorporated into the development center’s workforce with a high professional level, dedication to work and quality service.

The center provides all the necessary conditions for a proper and adapted work environment with opportunities for learning and professional advancement, rabbinical supervision and a wonderful relationship with the Orthodox community.

Our Products

Unitask provides much more than services and projects. Our development team develops full products – accurate, high quality and best suited to the requirements and needs of our customers.

The vast experience we have accumulated in working closely with many customers enables us to fully understand customers’ issues and “pain points”, and to create on the dot solutions that meet actual real needs.

Here too, we do not settle for “almost” or “close” but develop the best technological solution that can serve our customers and offer a finished product – beginning to end.


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