Development Meets Production

DevOps is a work approach that promotes processes and methods to facilitate collaboration between the development, QA and IT teams in the organization.

Its goal is to bring development and operations closer, enabling accelerated development that supports fast, scalable processes, providing a significant advantage in customer competition with the ability to change requirements during development according to urgency.

No more initial meticulous characterization and planning followed by development and finally the release of a product according to the design. Instead, efficiently add requirements and changes in the system during development to meet the market’s changing demands.

Your Own Private Superman

Unitask provides DevOps solutions according to the highest requirements in the market: expertise in all required fields of knowledge such as development, IT, databases, control and monitoring tools and more. These capabilities create a culture and an environment in which creating, testing and releasing software versions can be done quickly, more often and most reliably.


DevOps Services:

  • On site and remotely DevOps services
  • Build, ship, and run distributed applications Based on containers
  • Automation
  • QA and Security services by the group
  • Responsible for App lifecycle from development and test to deployment and operations.
  • Continuous integration (CI) and Continuous delivery (CD) implementations.O

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