BI – Business Intelligence

Unitask assists organizations in leveraging their raw data, using a strategic organizational map and sophisticated BI tools to support decision-making processes.

Unitask’s BI service enables strategic mapping of the organization, as well as gathering and managing information using BI tools.

We create solutions that turn raw data into useful and meaningful information that supports decision-making in the organization, using successfully tested and proven tools and methods.

End-To-End Intelligence

Our services include comprehensive, end-to-end, sub-specialty solutions to help our customers get the most out of their raw data.

  • Comprehensive end-to-end BI solutions – solutions implemented by BI experts, system analysts and developers, encompassing all fields of enterprise BI.
  • Establishing a BI system in the organization – creating a DWH database and Quick-Win solutions backed by proven methodologies and step-by-step project management.
  • BI consulting – assisting the organization in assessing its current status and finding technological and business solutions that will provide the best means to improve and assimilate BI in the organization.
  • Implementing an organizational assessment process – formulating a BPM solution through the characterization and implementing of KPIs in accordance with the enterprise’s strategic map; producing organizational performance data and displaying them in dashboards and reports to facilitate taking measures for improved performance.
  • BI management services – taking operational responsibility for the BI system in the organization while maintaining service indices (SLA) enables organizations to focus on promoting and assimilating BI and streamlining and utilizing the flexibility of their delivery capabilities which may be expanded as needed. A BI management solution is formulated to suit the organization and its business requirements while maintaining the business knowledge accumulated by the organization.
  • BI Development Center – establishing a custom-made BI development center for each customer through the placement of dedicated developers and the flexibility of resources according to organizational needs. The solution enables the organization to benefit from a professional development environment (vast professional knowledge, best practice, QA and project management) and to streamline development processes.
  • Unitask supports its customers in the implementation of BI, relying on its vast experience and diverse capabilities to collect, manage and properly use data resources to generate the greatest value for the organization and to promote its business strategy.

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