Consulting and Implementation- Expert Services

Unitask provides a comprehensive service for the mapping and implementation of system assimilation processes with a deep understanding of customer needs.

We offer all solutions in one place with cutting-edge professionals – a diverse team of experts with vast professional knowledge, an elite squadron of determined, committed and mission-oriented staff. All this with a realistic budget perspective and cost-effective pricing.

Employing Technological Superiority in The Interest of Business Processes

We operate out of a comprehensive perspective, business orientation and technological innovation in order to provide our customers with complete solutions.

We examine the range of options and choose the one that best serves our client and promotes their agenda.

We have vast experience in a wide range of industries and fields (pharmaceuticals, security, biotechnology and more) with many customized solutions.

From single projects to comprehensive on-site management, we provide a complete suite of solutions and services that enable us to support customer systems throughout their entire life cycle, including all necessary changes.

You searched for Embeds, you received a task force

Our consulting team is composed of professional, experienced and knowledgeable IT engineers who integrate into any project, in any form and scope, in order to provide the required solutions.

But our excellent people do not act alone, since all the company’s employees, with all the vast knowledge and experience they have accumulated, accompany, guide, advise and participate in characterizing and implementing the most suitable solution for the customer.

We care

Our team’s main characteristic is dedication to the customer.

Your problem is our problem. We strive to build a strong partnership with our clients while identifying with their interests. Our employees are experienced associates who worked their way up from junior employees to management positions.

They develop strong, close and long-term relationships with our customers and serve as loyal, attentive, available, patient and flexible consultants to provide solutions and solve problems in the best possible way.

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