Aplication Managed Services

Our Responsibility, Your Savings

Unitask relieves its customers from the ongoing operational concerns of all legacy applications and takes on full operational responsibility to enable the organization and its IT people to focus on core business operations.

Our ability to leverage all our organizational resources to provide a complete, professional and responsible solution for managing our clients’ applications ensures peace of mind, high efficiency and significant economic savings.

It also frees IT staff to spend time and resources managing advanced projects, new developments and strategic management – tasks that are often neglected due to ongoing operations.

Modest but Highly Capable

Unitask’s Application Managed Services division is the largest in Israel, specializing in Oracle applications. It is comprised of skilled and experienced professionals in a variety of fields, including systems analysts, developers, quality testers and others.

Our division has proven experience in Global Managed Services methodologies, including management of organizational change and handling of the human aspect in collaboration with human resources executives, as well as full responsibility for knowledge transference and setting goals and indices.

This combination of capabilities is unique to our Application Managed Services’ division, enabling us not only to relieve IT staff from ongoing operational responsibilities, but to also improve the level of service to applications and their users.

  • We take full charge of the entire operations aspect, apply preventive maintenance, and ensure continuous work with zero faults.
  • We provide global service and international response around the clock, anywhere in the world.
  • We offer creative and flexible solutions through Unitask’s development division.
  • Service oriented, we provide highly devoted service with the highest professional standards.
  • We provide our services under a detailed and strict service contract (SLA).
  • Ensuring availability 365 days a year 24/7, with ultra-fast response times.

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