HCM - Cloud Based Human Resource Management

Unitask offers exclusive and specialized solutions for smart management of human capital in your organization.

A topnotch combination of technological superiority in the service of business processes.

The field of human resources has undergone a revolution in recent years thanks to the introduction of advanced technologies that enable managers to make more informed decisions and to analyze data in real time. We have a vast knowledge of this field’s business processes and terminology, and are able to provide a professional and comprehensive solution while introducing the right technological means for the organization’s HR needs.

The support and high quality solutions we provide tend not only to the technological configuration but to the entire business process as well, with a deep understanding of the organizational processes.

This unique combination coupled with advanced technology, extensive experience in implementing cloud-based human resources systems and our proven project management capabilities make us experts in implementing human resource management solutions.

Human Capital Technology

Unitask offers an innovative and high quality solution that supports all human resources aspects in one cloud-based platform.

Oracle’s Human Capital Management (HCM) system is easy to operate and implement and does not require multiple vendor agreements – a one stop shop. In addition, this cloud-based system provides the most advanced technology in the field to businesses that were previously unable to implement Oracle’s solutions.

This convenient and easy-to-use platform is available to the entire organization (employees, managers and human resources) from any device at any time, enabling a smart and friendly management of human capital, relieving human resource managers from administrative tasks and allowing them to focus on management.

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